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the world

My blogs about individuals are subjective and specific, different people inspire us all, so I just wanted to tip my hat towards a few of these iconic individuals. Most have their own websites or societies of appreciation so I have uplifted some of the text with references for these blogs.

“What are you doing for others?”




Quite simply put, Tesla was a genius. So much of the modern world has been touched    by the man. Although his contribution to the species is widely recognised by the     scientific community, he may not be a household name for all.   

Whilst researching Nikola Tesla he soon became a hero of mine, daring and courageous,    full of creativity and inspiration. Money wasn’t the most important thing for this    man, he was surely a man on a mission. His secretly guarded later papers hold the    key to free energy, if it is was not for capitalist extortionists we would all have    benefited by a free energy source thanks to Tesla. His inclination towards creativity    as opposed to money and power is probably why he didn’t achieve all of his goals.        


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