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The thing about languages is that you have to learn them. You learn the alphabet and how to pronounce letters and words. It’s a difficult but essential skill. Can you remember when in early years? The first thing that the brain registers however are images, this process is not taught but instinctive, this is how we recognise people and things. Images then are our fist language and the use of symbols are its text.  

“What are you doing for others?”

Ironically i didn’t want to use a great deal of text in this blog, so here goes...

Some of the reasons why we see the same looking images over and over



The winged sun disk – a Rosicrucian symbol. The winged globe is the symbol of the perfect soul making its flight back to its source creator. Therefor it is used in organisations that are in the journey/transport business, This symbol   pre-dates the Egyptian empire but is generally synonymous with Egyptian imagery.  

Pyramids, the classic symbol

The Torch

The Sun

Religious symbols

If you have looked throughout my site, you can tell I have a love of languages and specifically, communication.

The language of the symbol is probably the most relevant, as it is the first one we learn and, throughout the ages they represent the same themes, some of which could be quite deep.

The human psychology has been exposed too the language of symbols from day one. Where ever you are born in the world, usually will decide what becomes your first language. The way we phrase sentences and the adjectives we use, help us form a relationship with the written and spoken word. But… where ever and when ever you were born, the symbol remains a constant, non- geographical language of its own.

So is it worth studying?……You Bet!

Saturn has been worshipped since ancient times and by certain circles today.

The wedding ring symbolises Saturn.

Interlocking circles