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the world

Religion has always been a main theme throughout humanity, humans have always worshiped in one form or another. From pagans, Sumerians, Babylonians,  Nordic's, Incas, Aztecs, Indigenousness tribes all over the world, Jews,Christians, Muslims and so many more….

So does the institution of Religion represent Gods will on Earth? After all, Religious groups have not just waged war with others, but also within their own order. So what is religion?      

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“What are you doing for others?”




Does God have a religion?

It’s an interesting question maybe?

If religion represents the true will of God then why has it been the main reason for War.

Did God preach war and hatred?

So are religious institutions

true to the word?

In this year of 2014, we only have to look around to see the destruction in the world. One main reason….RELIGION.

So is institutionalised religion a good thing? I’m sure we all have our own opinion about this.

Think about it another way if I may be so bold…. Can we name an institution that hasn’t been corrupted?

What about the Banking Institution? The Political Institution ? The Media Institution? The Medical Institution? And so on….

I’m not against religion, I have my own faith and respect others, but……lets face it, as an institution, it has failed us. This is no great surprise really as all others have as well and, the answer is of course simple, it is because they are all formed by us..the people…humans..

Maybe its humanity that is failing?

Failing to work on common ground and focusing on differences.

But this is not always the case!

What can be said about religion without upsetting anyone?

The similarities between the three main monolithic religions for example are outstanding. They all recognise the stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Jesus and Mohammed. So why such a division? The message is intrinsically the same across the board. Judaism, Christianity and Muslim (Islam) count for the over whelming percentage of religious believes on planet Earth in this year of 2014.

All three religions believe look to the heavens for answers.

Buddhism and Hinduism beliefs search for the answers within, a more introspective and reflective approach. Of course so many belief structures exist within Humanity it would never be possible to account for them all, after all each one of us has our religion, even if that’s atheism.

Let’s be fair about it all belief systems should be personal and open for personal interpretation, otherwise we would not have been given the power of thought and compassion of our hearts. Religious disagreement in my opinion is a circular argument because it’s up to the individual perspective. So when we see headlines of, ‘Holy Wars’, how can this be, when religion is individually experienced?

Maybe they are not holy at all, but just wars to turn man against man, the winner being those who perpetrated division and gain by divide and conquer.

So when will we learn?                

Jedi, is actually an official religion so by someone saying they are religious, does it mean something?

Only that they have a belief system, whatever that means to them.  

As it is above so it is below…..Is the depiction of Fallen Angels so far away from  Star Wars? I will be interested to see the next releases of these films in order to identify some of the hidden meanings and religious connotations.

GOD loves us all

Therefore we should

love each other.

Just this basic principal alone, would change the world we live in.

Working within common understanding as opposed to indifference.

Love each other