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the world

Reality is just an illusion and happiness is a place where one finds comfort within it, or at least that is how I see it. Reality is a difficult thing to pin down as we only know what we know!! What was reality before our consciousness / birth? Or is reality the knowing of something that is real? In that case what constitutes as being real?

“What are you doing for others?”

Humans are often programmed in accepting reality, we learn lessons from childbirth, but are the lessons we learnt just concepts from our parents and other humans, or is reality just a construct in order for us to share a common experience?




Moving from box to box, living in one, driving in one, working in one, using one, watching one, dinning from one and exercising in one.

A real stereo typing of modern life! But is it far from the norm? I suspect that it depends on ones job, position and role, but I’m sure most of us know people who live like this. It doesn’t mean its a bad thing, in fact many may aspire towards this model. The point being is that society very often controls our outlook and desires. Therefore reality becomes a perception based on limiting parameters. We accept this as a way of life but in reality is it? What do we learn by repeating the same old pattern day after day, I suspect its not so much about learning as apposed to earning.

So most of us do things, “to earn a living”. Strange as I can not remember paying for my life. Although work often means just that. So am I suggesting work is a bad thing? NO.

The principal is that people say live is not free and, that money doesn’t grow on trees etc… Well life was free and fruit grows on trees.

Accepting reality is purely subjective and for one, I appreciate individuals who challenge the norm and live peacefully having empowered themselves to live their own unique existence.

So many chase the dream, to find that, that is all it was - a dream.

Harmony in life comes with ones own perspective on life and, the fact that so many have supposed limited options can create disillusionment. In many countries now humans are viewed as fiscal production tools and are not valued by the authority other than that.

So reality, what is it? Are you happy with yours? Can an individual make a difference? Has it always been the same? And if so why is that?…..just a few thoughts really, so for my part reality is something that is often inflicted by a world that is unfair and unjust, but what's new? No good moaning other that is there, is a dog eat dog world, right?……. Reality its a fiction isn’t it?

Well reality for a lot of people is , starvation, wars and killing and of course there is no money to go around…except for bombs, weapons and corruption. So is reality real now?

I don't want this block to be a consistent rant or to appear hypocritical as for most of my life I’ve lived the model at top and though well of it. The frustrating thing about all this stuff is that so many of us feel detached from being able to change things. Life is often self survival, I guess that is the reality, but should it be?

Is a conscious awakening happening across our planet? Have we now gone so far that we will start to change? It’s common sense now isn’t it?

Maybe a complete monetary collapse will not be such a bad thing? Maybe we will start focusing on the most valuable commodity of all….Life!

I’m not saying that both riches can’t exist , but obviously that is only possible, for the few!!