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the world

“What are you doing for others?”


Inextricably linked with the Human story, is the battle of power over man. Some believe in Gods, some do not, but what surely must be agreed upon is that some men try to dominate others.


God against the Devil

Angel against Demon

Man against Man

Right now nearly everyone on the planet would have heard about the, ‘illuminate’.  This is a label given to a global network that through infiltration tries to guide the future of mankind. But this is an organisation that’s been around in its current form for around 300 years or so. So its not unique as groups and secret societies have always been around with the same agenda. Some say that certain bloodlines within such groups go back some 7-8,000 years. In that case it is an ancient story retold over and over.

The search for hidden wisdom and power, of course power comes in many forms, economic, physical and spiritual, so therefore this struggle of power surely exists across the spectrum.

So what is it all worth and why bother with such archaic views of power, after all we can all decide what path we choose can’t we? Well once again some would argue that its all about just that, the choice for each of us to decide. If any single dominance was to prevail then freedom of choice and possibly thought (via DNA manipulation) could be controlled!

It’s totally insane the way we go about killing each other and the way media, games and history is manipulated to glorify the victorious; the victorious didn’t fight because they won their victory over the evil of fighting and war. Yes, some say that some wars are just, like the 2nd World War, but it was only possible by the manipulative political prowess of one man. So the answer must be to learn from this.

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If people are prepared to be blindly lead then those who  crave evil will be only too pleased to lead them to war, it’s simple, we must as a species and individually be accountable for our aggressions and take control of them.

Economic suppression is one of the biggest factors, for example when ground troop are in the firing line there is more chance of them having a lower economic social background than not. This is because the poor are usually killed first, if not in conflict, then in starvation and poverty. Yes madmen and brutal dictators exist around the world, but for the best part of it, its down to poor education or starvation of the masses. War takes place in many ways but to counter all these machines of destruction, we the people must unite in human kindness. This may mean giving up our luxuries and re-defining what progress and success really means. Hidden knowledge that is often talked about in so many belief books should be either hidden or available to all. When people try to gain by controlling others all they do is loose.

Not everything is always what it seems, people are people and therefore capable of good and bad, making mistakes and, making amends. To label anyone indefinably is usually inaccurate and I have no doubt at all that good people belong to some of these perceivably power hungry groups. Talk of Presidents and Kings working to a secret agenda, maybe they are, it certainly feels like it at times, but for me, I’m fed up of the so-called Elite and secret governments.

We the people hold the answer, we just need to do what we all want to and live in peace, tolerance and be forgiving and kind.

…..anyway that’s my take on it all, thanks for reading.

All well documented and classic topics, I didn’t want to talk specifically about single issues as it would be re-inventing the wheel.So much good stuff out there on the Internet, along with a lot of misinformation as well.