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“What are you doing for others?”



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The power of positive thinking is a wonderful thing, it makes the difference from just being alive, into actually enjoying your life. With so much fear and negativity in the world, it’s easy to forget just how majestic the human spirit really is and, just how much we influence beyond our comprehension.

Positive thinking, you can’t have this without understanding negative thinking. It’s simply your choice, a choice that a lot of people do not realise they have. For me the most positive action is the one that helps others without necessarily benefiting yourself. It’s easy to talk positive, but thinking positive is something different.   


  Mental Diet for positivity

7 days without holding onto one negative thought

1. Focus on what’s right in your world instead of what is wrong

Focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t have

           (Make this a habit not just an occasional focus)

2. Decide to be curious instead of judgemental

If you judge others then you will judge yourself intensely

What’s the motivation behind someone’s anger?

How can I help this person?

3. Give compliments

Find something to appreciate from every situation

Whatever you choose you win

Appreciate what isn’t working

4. Decide not to be perfect

You are not

I am not

Just get better day by day

5. Use faith

Believe in yourself

Anthony Robbins has been a long time inspiration. He has some great videos on YouTube that cover a wide range of spectrum. Basically it’s all about being the best you can and, that means different things to different people does it not? Whatever you inspire to be or want out of life without intentionally hurting others, it often comes down to positive thinking. A controlled focus aimed towards what you can do instead of destructive thoughts, such as I cant do. It’s basic stuff really but it’s also complex as focus takes energy and, in order to focus you need to think about things.

Some media on the subject

Nick Vujicic - Attitude Is Altitude

For me this man sums up so much

about what we can be

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