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Video missing?

Video missing?

“What are you doing for others?”


2012 had all the publicity and it’s simply come and gone. It was said to be the start of a new age, a new beginning, that’s all, nothing else. The Mayan calendar simply cycled through its routine in order to start all over again.

A lot of focus has been put into this rational cycle, despite the inaccuracies of prophetic mongering of doom and gloom apocalyptic scenarios.

Speculation is just that and without fact will always remain fiction, fact of course though is sometimes difficult to decipher as reality itself is often questioned.   


Planet X, or if you prefer Nibiru? This celestial being is supposed to orbit in an ecliptic motion with its orbital pattern involving a rotation around our sun. Every few thousand years when it performs this ritual it has a profound effect on Earth due too gravitational pull, which is amplified due to its proximity with our sun.

The Planet is not alone and has seven Planets rotating around it

So is this fact?

This is what the conundrum of Planet X is all about.  

The 2ND coming of the sun or if you prefer, The return of the Sun

Sumerian artwork depicts a heavenly planet surrounded by orbiting planets. Strange in itself being as several thousand years later humanity still believed that the Earth was flat!  The artwork clearly shows these planets to be round. A historical inconsistency as this undeniably proves that humanity was aware of round planets and rotational orbits. Or was this simply learned from watching our sun and moon. Either way the complete ignorance about our own planets geometry leaves room for such speculative theories regarding, Planet X. After all if if took mankind thousands of years to realise that the hypothesis that the Earth was flat, is indeed incorrect.

Could we be in ignorance of this event?

Hopi tribes also believe in cyclic events on a global scale and stories have been handed down from generation to generation. Do these indigenous people have knowledge that modern man has failed to grasp. The video attached is a generic based theme about the importance of living with nature and the purification on Earth.

However many writings have been made

around a planetary event

The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy.   

Alternative Media are all over this subject with plenty of speculation. It’s always important to keep to the facts and clearly some of the predictions are just proven false, however a lot of the research and evidence based material is accurate.

Until most people see this item on main stream news they may not be convinced that this subject is a legitimate one.

With all todays technology, computers and satellite feeds available, surely as a species we are aware of the truth, whatever that may be?

Just when will NASA/Governments

comment on this issue if at all?

This interview has had over 100,000 YouTube views. Within 2 weeks of it being posted its quite clear that a lot of issues have spilt out about the interviewee. In deed some immediate predictions have fallen short. However the research involved is impressive and, if nothing else it has raised the subject, for better or worse?

zecharia sitchin

Has extensively written about this