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“What are you doing for others?”


Mind over matter, the ability to think something and make it come true. Science is very interested in the metaphysical, which is to say the monitoring of thought. Using scan technology we understand brain patterns and can interpretive Yes and No answers without requiring speech or body language. So is it just a case of understanding how to register consciousness? And how can we use consciousness to help and even heal us?


Prayer of any religious denomination promotes spiritual healing. By asking God or simply the Universe for help we are accepting that a greater force exists and, that via intervention a given scenario can be altered.     

This in itself reveals a fundamental question, is it indeed a force from outside of ourselves or is it a force from an individual themselves?

The most common perception on this is probably a mixture of the two. That is a greater force is working through an individual in a way it wouldn’t without the request to do so.

This is a matter of faith or simply personal belief, depending on our thought process. But isn’t this simply wishful thinking or can it be proved?  

Hmmm, facts, the necessary equation, how can such a speculation be proven?

Surely the answer depends upon the individual, after all if you have had such an experience isn’t that proof enough?   

The concept of divine intervention of God is well documented throughout many religious books and enchantments. But what if God doesn’t exist in the way these books describe, how do you explain it then? After all not everybody agrees in God!

Well if we take God out of the equation we simply have ourselves left.

Reiki is primarily the practise of hand placement in order to promote energy flow through the body. Initially a Japanese practise, it has spread world-wide and practicing techniques vary depending on which branch of Reiki is followed.  

Although there is little or no scientific evidence that Reiki exists…

    The concept of Reiki is simply to promote spiritual influence or atmosphere which in-turn helps to heal the body.    

Scientifically we are mass and wave, as wave we reverberate and resonate and, the vibration we oscillate on can affect our mind and body. The use of crystals is to re-align or promote certain vibrations and therefore heal or assist healing. Once again does believing in this process make it happen? Well who knows, its subjective although once again the scientific community dip their toes into the subject now and again, especially with the influence of quantum thinking.   

I suspect for most people that music is the most common example of spiritual healing. It often allows us to deal with our emotions at base level promoting healing and joy. Love songs are just that, they promote our ability to love.

Other forms of music increase the ability to generate energy and therefore dance. It touches our spirit and that in-turn effects our chemical composition, raising and lowering our blood pressure and rational, often enabling us to deal with deep emotions.

If that isn’t spiritual healing then I give up!

After all we are spirits are we not?

And we have to ability to heal ourselves sometimes. Don’t we?