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How ever you would describe them, be-it in a religious Old Testament, creationism, folk law, classic films, modern horror, the list goes on and on. The fact remains that for the want of a better label, ‘Giants’, once walked amongst us. Not a giant character but a physical giant species, similar to Man.   

Fallen angels, a biblical story that is mirrored across cultures, since time began. These Angels were supposedly attracted to the human woman and mated with them creating a hybrid race. This story isn’t just science fiction, if you believe the writing in many belief books, it is simply history.

Fallen angels were jealous of the human consciousness as we have the ability of creative thinking. We can imagine things in our head, conjure images and inventions. These fallen angels are alleged not to possess this consciousness that we refer to as, ‘free thinking’. They can use the things that we imagine, but not imagine themselves… does that make sense? Good, cause that’s the best way I could describe it.

Long before the story of Noah, it has been written that giants walked amongst man. They lived a long time, many human lives long. The story of David and Goliath could be one such account. Jason and the Argonauts encountered such giants along with tales of Ali Barber. So the theme has solid substance and, the more you look at these stories, the more they just make sense.

Basically the Nephilim were giants of men, guardians of the valley. They are also referred to as the watchers, In their time they would have been imposing and intimidating. The agnostic texts are also full of such a theme.

The watchers are supposed to be beings that look over mankind, at mount Hermon in Israel they allegedly intermingled with woman and taught humanity a series of forbidden knowledge’s, such as cosmology, Science, technology etc...The Nephilim is the title given to these off-spring.

The flood story of Noah is recorded in hundreds of different cultures and it tells of the cleansing of mankind. Noah and his family being the only untouched, disserved of salvation. Recent account of the flood, thanks to modern satellite technology pin-points Noah’s Ark to be found in Mount Ararat in 2010, Turkey. The point being -  that if the Ark can be proven, what of the related story and, indeed the Nephilim.

The children of the Watchers?  

So exactly where are the Nephilim now?

That’s the Noah story, simple, the floods were to drive them out. A new beginning, a fresh start. With such a strong storyline I find myself wondering why the Nephilim are not common place with today’s knowledge or understanding of history.

I have asked many people what do they think about the Nephilim? More than not I have received responses with scratched heads and yet, almost everyone has heard of Dracula and Frankenstein.

So is it just a case of literature or have they simply been forgotten about by design?

 Where are the watchers now? Will they return? Will we see Nephilim again?