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Clock Re-set
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the world

Nebular Dreams

The shape of Supernova remnant, chemical explosions, greatest firework scene ever seen

Stella winds help it on its way, paving the future maybe some galaxies away

A more vibrant scene you could not see, as to the eye angelic, full of wonder, dreams and splendor

Ultraviolet radiation, colourful plumes alongside dark lanes

Texture and fabric of a making as we watch in slow motion the universe creating

This turbulent stellar nursery needing space for growth, tantrum and expression,                       emotion without words

Fragments of wreckage collide, divide and ultimately strive to find their place in the universe

Visible by binocular on a good night just set your sight to the known cluster possibly just to the right

Amaze and gaze and wonder, what a journey, what a theatre in the heavens, the gods my or my not exist, but a miracle visible for dreams.

R. Mansfield

Nebular dreams, dust cloud reams

Senses working overtime, waiting for the universe clock to chime

Gases incandescent halo against a dark canvas only too glad for existence