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The  Nabhi chakra is placed in the Solar Plexus  its qualities are inner peace, satisfaction and steady attention. This centre regulates all material and spiritual food, and allows us to grow in a just and righteous direction, this is called , ‘dharma’ (Sandskirt).

“What are you doing for others?”


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Element : Water

Stone : Emerald

Planet : Jupiter

Spiritual representation :

Shri Vishnu

Shri Lakshmi


The  Nabhi Chakra is placed at the naval and corresponds to the Solar Plexius. It controls our principles of balance and evolution.

Peace and serenity within us can be established as this centre allows us to grow in spirituality.  

Dharma is the moral code of conducts that preserves a society. At a social level is relates to certain laws: Do not kill, Do not lie…..The 10 commandments are often perceived Dharma laws of virtuous conduct.

The Nabhi chakra controls the stomach, part of the intestine (functions of digestion), spleen, and pancreas. The Nabhi supports our function to evolve, once our material needs are satisfied.  


Established here is satisfaction and inner peace, This left side gives us the balance and necessary stability to start turning our attention towards the spirit.


Self respect and respect towards others, dignity and honesty are assisted here. The upper part of the liver corresponds to this - the right channel of the Nabhi. It can help development of good attention, an essential quality for good meditation, when healthy it also assists focus.  

Nabhi locations on the body

Day :  Thursday

Number of petals : Ten

Ying Yang

Geography :

Central Europe

Italy, Belgium, Holland

Austria (left)

Switzerland,France (right)

Satisfaction and Content, voyage - Journey