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Don’t let anyone tell you magic doesn’t exist or that, ‘you will never be able to do something’. The Rick Allen story will prove them wrong. Using one of the greatest tonics known to mankind…music, this story proves that the show can go on.

“What are you doing for others?”



Stevie Wonder


Paul Stanley

(Deaf in 1 ear)

Ian Dury


Karen Carpenter




Rick Allen


Drummer in a rock band

with one arm

On December 31, 1984 Allen was involved in a street-racing accident. The 21-year-old was driving in his Chevrolet Corvette on the way to a party at his family's home in Sheffield, England, when an Alfa Romeo passed him. Allen claims that the driver had been egging him on and that he would not allow him to pass. In his rage to pass this driver, he became reckless, did not see a turn up ahead and lost control of his car, which sailed over a stone wall and into a field. He was thrown from the car, with his left arm severed because the seat belt was not properly fastened. The car landed upside down and Allen's then girlfriend Miriam Barendsen stayed secure in her seat. She was not seriously injured and found Allen in the field. They were helped by two passersby (one was a nurse and the other an off-duty police officer), and Allen was transported to a nearby hospital. Doctors initially reattached Allen's arm but, because of infection, it had to be surgically and permanently removed again. He left the hospital three and a half weeks later and was back with Def Leppard in the Netherlands two weeks after his release with recuperation expected to last six months.

Allen thought that he could not continue drumming for Def Leppard and became very depressed, so Def Leppard's lead singer, Joe Elliott, visited Allen in an attempt to cheer him up. The band was on a break, so soon after, Allen met with some engineers and started to design a drum set to assist Allen's drumming. He could still play some drum rhythms with one hand and used his left foot (typically for hi-hat pedals in common drum kits), to play the snare drum. Former Status Quo drummer Jeff Rich helped and encouraged Allen during his convalescence, and they designed an electronic kit Allen could play using only one arm.        (Extract: Wiki)

The rest as they say is history

The courage and positivity Rick has shown is a beacon for all to see. The fact that people closest to him showed belief and unquestionable support, just goes to show what the human spirit can achieve.Rick is still playing at the time of writting this in 2013.

keep it going Rick and we will keep buying the albums.

It’s not just the famous who belong to this inexhaustible list of talent,

it’s also those playing in your local pubs and clubs (as pictured).

So why not check out the local gig guide and, support and appreciate the power of music and the human spirit.