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“What are you doing for others?”



Water is the key to life, it is the largest percentage of our being and, without it we could not exist in our human presence - Fact. Water has always been around as far as Humanity is concerned. The same water recycled throughout our history. Have you ever heard the saying “If the trees could talk”? Well what if we could get water to talk? Sound strange, well maybe it is, but then again isn’t life?


On arrival they found them both in the lotus position with a bowl of water in front of them; they were seated along the wooden walkway

‘I see you are trying again with Aiko!’ Yakatomi commented.

‘Shhh, we are just practicing.’ She opened her eyes ‘Now we have lost our flow, we will need to start again’ she advised, Aiko opened her eyes,  ‘Yes daddy, we will have to start again.’ she gave a cheeky grin and showed her teeth, Yakatomi laughed at her

‘Ok then…. Please start again’ he requested

‘You will both need to join us, please….. If you sit alongside us you can both practice’ Chikako suggested, they both joined them on the wooden walkway and posed the necessary position.

 ‘Can I asked, what are we practicing exactly, meditation?’ Jonathan asked.

‘Good question Jonathan, Aiko and I have been in deed meditating. We are directing our focus at the water in the bowl; it came out of a bottle of natural spring water. We are aiming to send our love and good intent into the water via our thoughts. We need to concentrate and feel the natural energy that surrounds us all; in time our love will fill the bowl as sure as the water that resides in it. Eventually Aiko and I will analysis water crystals from the bowl under a microscope; we will then be able to see how our inner thoughts have affected their physical composite. This way we will be able to physically see our love,’ Chikako explained ‘our love will increase the water energy levels and the water crystals should look symmetric and beautiful. I first heard about analysing the crystals this way some years ago after reading a book written by Dr. Masaru Emoto.’

 ‘Yes our love’ Aiko repeated as she nodded her head animatedly, this time Jonathan could do nothing but laugh, as sweet Aiko touched a soft spot in his heart.

 ‘You see how it begins?’ Chikako proclaimed as she held Yakatomi’s hand. It was clear to Jonathan that this family had more than a special bond.

‘Shall we?’ Chikako gained her position again and the four of them closed their eyes and simply relaxed focusing on the water bowl. The day was still and silent leaving no distractions from their focus, the connection running between them was united and they all felt a sense of peace and tranquility. They maintained this for what felt a long time but in fact it was just several minutes. Jonathan was the first to lose concentration and, as he opened his eyes the others instantly felt him doing so as the energy level between them dipped a little.

The Network series

Click the cover to read volume 3… its free

I’ve used this topic in my Third book

Extract: The Network, Series  1, Volume 3



In the ancient Greek civilization, the royalty used to drink from silver goblets, also their water was stored in silver urns to assist water purification for drinking. Hence the saying, born with a silver spoon, as Silver was and still is an expensive element.  The rush for the Wild West in America saw settlers using silver coins in their barrels of water and milk to assist water purification. Interesting point that we now use Fluoride commonly in drinking water, Silver for the common man? I don’t think so!

In the 1960's, NASA developed an electrolytic silver ionizer to purify the astronaut’s drinking water for use on the Apollo missions.

Royal families ate everything off of silver platters, and as a result they developed argyria, a form of silver toxicity. So what of Silver and water then? Well remember the old Silver spoon, seems like wisdom was known a long time ago before general knowledge, regarding conductivity and purification in water.

Modern Science seems to be re-visiting water; we are looking at its data storage capacity and inquisitive about the possibility of capturing recorded images on it. Strange as it may sound, money is being invested into such research. It’s often the basics that are over-looked; just look up Tonic water for example.

We have always given water a mythological perspective, Take holy water for example, it defends against vampires and, is used during exorcism. It is used at baptism and sprinkled over armies before conflict. It’s strange why water has been attributed such symbolic power really.

Such water is supposed to take on the intent given to it via thought, or in this case prayer/blessing. Any truth to it?