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“What are you doing for others?”

Buddhists believe in a discipline of the mind as a way of life. The Buddhist path is a personal experience of achieving deep and long-lasting happiness by gaining wisdom and a free mind unaffected by negative emotions. Positive practise cultivated properly enlightens one to the benefit of doing so.

Meditation is at the core of this practise.




Often our minds can be filled with the stress of a busy life or the pace of society. We often find ourselves worrying about mechanisms of life such as money, career or status. Generally focusing on family or friends and often forgetting about the now and being.

The act of contemplation is not unique to Buddhism, The simple art of freeing the mind of thought is endemic in all belief systems. Although most believe in filling the mind with specific thought via the act of prayer. Either way the focus on thought or the letting go of thought, is something worth thinking about from time to time. Often the reason for a certain approach is to achieve a similar goal, that is inner peace and love.

How often do we take the simple act of breathing for granted?

How often do we appreciate each breath experience?

When we are really ill we sometimes struggle with breathing and, it’s often in this we appreciate each breath.

The crowded thought full of, speculation and worry is referred to as the ‘Monkey Mind’ in Buddhism.  Following a simple breathing technique, it is possible to quieten the ‘Monkey Mind’ and improve concentration.  One is to become aware of breath as it enters and leaves your body by concentration on the rise and fall of the abdomen or breathing sensation via the lips and nostrils.

So how do we meditate, simple! Find time for yourself in a quiet place to start with, eventually you will be able to meditate anywhere. Avoid distractions, visual, physical and sound. Lose any thoughts of up and coming events, places you have been and places you are to go. People in your life even, just free your mind of thought. This is obviously easier than it sounds, try thinking of nothing, it can be very difficult for a busy or troubled mind. Don’t be tuff on yourself, it takes time to be able to do this, don’t get frustrated or angry in your inability to switch these thoughts off. These thoughts will disappear as quickly as they appear if you give them no focus, like an annoying bully, they will soon give up if you give them no energy.

Start off with the breathing technique described above, be patient and enjoy the experience. Life itself is a miracle and the act of being is fundamentally therapeutic.   

We perceive ourselves existing independently from everyone and everything; also we perceive things, other people and emotions in the same way. We become self-existing and interpret things as good, bad, happy or sad based on our own self-existence. We then can form attachments based on our perception of happiness in the pursuit to avoid suffering.

Attachment thoughts can often result in negative karma, as the intent is focused on the self. In reality we have one physical body but that doesn’t mean we are not part of a bigger experience. Suffering will continue as long as we carry out actions based on a concept of ‘self’.

By achieving enlightenment through the art of mediation we can accept that ‘self’ causes pain and by letting go of it we can gain further wisdom.   

My own thoughts on this is that we are in scientific speak naturally entangled with each other and everything else. I have put up a blog on entanglement. Therefore we never win by self-gain as we are intrinsically linked and what effects the one, effects the all, just as an entangled element.

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Meditation is practised all over the world, we are all trying to find inner peace and balance our experience.