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Matrix Philosophy  

“What are you doing for others?”

Extract taken from ‘The Final Call. ‘Screenplay writer Sophia Stewart is adamant that she is the author of the screenplay for the blockbuster movie, The Matrix, and her body of work was stolen. She is suing Warner Brothers, Joel Silver, Andy and Larry Wachowski in Los Angeles’ United States District Court in a case that has been defined as one of the largest suits for damages in the history of the film industry.’



The search for truth, revelations, science and philosophy… will we Humans answer our own questions or will we need something else? In the Matrix Neo is told that he knows the answer because he knows the question, therefore only he can find it.

The one, the chosen one who they have all been waiting for to deliver them, a deep Christian theme.

In this case not just a Christian theme but a Gnostic Christian theme as it frames the fundamental problem of Human ignorance, which then leads itself towards knowledge and enlightenment as apposed to framing life in terms of sin and repentance.   


Some people don’t want to be unplugged because that means creativity, though and ownership, some prefer others to take care of that for them. Just following the current, ‘bling’, is easier and lazier for some despite their reality. It projects the fundamental question, is it better to follow the sheep or have an open mind? Ignorance is bliss, as stated by some.

The god of Dreams in Greek mythology. So ironically he is the one who wishes to wake up Neo. Or is Neo the one falling asleep? I love the names used throughout the Matrix and the symbology is just as big. Places such as Zion, that age old dream, or is it? Either way its laced with such skilful subtlety throughout. Morpheus is a believer who would happily give up his life for his belief system. Out of all the quotes to come from The Matrix, the one about the depths of the Rabbit hole, has to be the most common. It has been paraphrased in so many conspiracy circles and Internet videos, its untrue.     

The Oracle, all knowing, all seeing, but what's the point of an Oracle without all things to know and see? Intuition, insight and perspective of a human kind is ultimately what wins the day. If life is a series of choices and inevitabilities, then it is the unknowing of intuition that can break the programme, the knowing without the thinking, the incalculable variable.

Just as the Universe rebuilds itself in cycles, Neo does the same in the Matrix by re-booting the system into something else. Life continues, energy never disappears. This is something shared by religious belief and science. Such a shared principle to work from maybe?

The ability of Neo’s power ultimately comes from his own belief in himself.

I love the films because they are great entertainment full of thought provoking messages rapped within a theme of Karma. A must see collection!  

She went on to win her case!

Her book, The Third eye did not just help create the Matrix series, but also the Terminator series. So just like Tesla, a genius idea stolen.