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The period during the reign of Queen Elizabeth was known as, ‘The Golden Age’, however the Queen herself was known as, ‘The Virgin Queen’, as she did not marry or conceive a child. The reason for highlighting this, is to simply put a historical concept of time to this theme.

Queen Elizabeth 1st

Another event taking place during this period of time was the invasion of the Spanish Armada. A most historic of times.

Some even believed that indeed she died as a young girl and was replaced by a boy? Strange myth but non-the-less a recorded one.

The author of the Legend, ‘Dracula;, Bram Stoker wrote a book of famous imposters in 1923 and indeed suggested that Queen Elizabeth had been replaced by a boy and devoted an entire chapter about this suggestion.!  

She was also known as, ‘The Fairy Queen’. as she enjoyed magic.

John Dee was a key figure in the Elizabethan court and, one of the Queens most trusted advisors. He was at the forefront in a new philosophical era and, was immensely intelligent. He strove to discuss the truth. That is the truth about everything within the universe and, his pursuit for knowledge came without restrictions, he would sell his soul to understand the knowledge of the angels. This thirst for knowledge lead him astray into the forbidden world of the occult.


Queen Elizabeth's  

John Dee

A quintessential magician, he was a child protege in several disciplines. Science in these days was seen as Black Magic and the threat of being burnt at the state was always a paranoia for a man of science. Dee was asked to perform a Royal horoscope, for both the then Queen Mary and Elizabeth, astrology was also something viewed suspiciously in this era. He did perform the horoscope and, on its existence becoming known was imprisoned.     

1n 1558 Mary died as Dee predicted and Queen Elizabeth takes the throne. Elizabeth appointed Dee her Royal astronomer. He was allowed free range for his understanding of magic. Dee was the one to coin the phrase, ‘The British Empire’. He was a mathematical genius amongst others and was convinced of hidden forces on the Earth that controlled it.  

He studied a book of the occult, ‘The Steganographia’, which is an infamous black magic book.

 He believed the only way he could find the answers that he needed would be by the help of a mystic who would be able to open up a link with the Angels/Spirits. The man who assisted him with this was , Edward Kelly’.  

Edward Kelly

Between them they opened up a link that allowed entities to be summoned. Numbers of Angelic characters emerged from Kelly’s crystal ball. A scary situation for most. At this time in point it was common perception that Angels ruled the Earth and guided nature. Dee believed that these Angels could cascade the knowledge he desired. He became bewitched by the Angels who delivered codes of information that would lead to the knowledge of the universe. Angel magic is at its very essence Black Magic.

Dee’s acquaintances were not trusted by the  queens circle and the Angels warned Dee of a forthcoming danger, so on their recommendation he fled from England to Poland. This turned out to be correct as his home in England was ransacked.

The Angels told him they would teach him the lost language of Enoch!

Letter by letter the dictation of the Enochian language was given. This language was supposed to be the language that made the universe?

The Angels then instructed Dee to see the ruler of Bohemia, Rudolph the second in Prague and, tell him he was an evil man, this was a suicidal mission for Dee, but he did as requested. The only reason why Rudolph did not have him killed was due to the fact that Dee suggested he could deliver the Philosophers stone and therefore by alchemy be able to turn elements into gold. This had been suggested by the Angels to prompt action from Rudolph.

Rudolph chose to ignore Dee’s prophecy but set up a chemistry for Dee and Kelly to produce gold from base metal.

The Pope of the day had Dee spied upon and declared him a heretic, he presented a paper to Rudolph that declared Dee and Kelly Heretics. Rudolph did not hand them over but expelled them from his kingdom. However Emperor Rudolph sanctioned a safe haven for them in his kingdom. He had to secretly set up a laboratory without papal knowledge. Kelly was drawn to finding the secret of the philosophers stone, where as Dee was possessed into understanding the key to use the Enochian language.  Kelly grow in fear of Dee and they eventually parted.

Dee after further endeavour and relocation, did indeed scribe all the information that the Angels had given him. He constructed diagrams and the alphabet but never achieved his goal of complete understanding of everything. His work has been subject to much indifference and become known as an essential for the Black Arts. The Angels that Dee spoke with were not all he had imagined, although his pursuit for truth and knowledge is a natural human curiosity, it raises more questions than answers.    

Quite simply put, there are things Humanity doesn’t understand and, maybe there is a reason for that? It’s clear that Dee’s pursuit cost him his health and sanity.