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“What are you doing for others?”




“All you need is love, all you need is love, all you need is love; love…….love is all you need.”

Is life really as simple as this? Never mind about Science, Religion, Money, Possessions and so on.  

We are capable of tremendous positive things, our compassion is unsurpassed and our ability of forgiveness truly brilliant. We learn by our mistakes and, have been making them for millennium, so we must have learned a lot. The same problems still exist with humanity despite this, so is it because we haven’t learned then? Or is it just that like in Science that every form of energy has an opposite effect? How many of us people have wondered, “What’s the point of war and poverty etc..”.

I suspect 99.5% of us, and yet love and peace doesn’t seem to be winning!


Or is it? That’s the point

Let’s look at the media; the daily news focuses on politics, conflict, crime, corruption and any myriad of negative storylines. It promotes fear regarding security, whether it is personal or financial. It promotes suspicion amongst religion,countries and cultures and, often promotes misinformation regarding intent and the true story. So why is that? It’s not as if there are no positive stories or events. We are told that they just give, “what the people want”. But is this what the people want?


It’s not Rocket Science and I’m not doing a blog on that!                      

The fact is, if you experience a kind deed, you always remember it. At least I believe this to be true, so why is that? Again a stupid question, but really, why is that?

Why does a loving deed with good intent break the rules?

With so much war and poverty on this world, why is it that we all don’t go around randomly killing each other. Is it common sense? Are we just aware that mutually assured destruction is inevitable if we follow such a path?

Or is it that maybe we Humans

are more than we give ourselves credit for?