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Please note I have put this software together with the help of some kind people who have donated their time and voice for me. Therefore please use this site with the knowing that no liability for its content will be held, other than that of the user.

Unfortunately we live in times when some people made a profession of finding fault and liability, so if you’re unsure of using this site, please do not.  


Simply select your text and audio output. This allows simple communication across languages or communication in cases where it is not vocally possible.

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I am looking to add

a sign version.

Please contact

if you would be interested

In assisting me?

This communication aid is a constant on-going project, I am currently adding languages, screens and buttons on a daily basis. I have enjoyed putting it together and have made some great friends out of it. It’s not perfect as it’s difficult to find all the necessary skills required without finance.

Many thanks to those who have helped to date and, I look forward in working with those of you I have not yet met!


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Many thanks to those who have helped to date, I look forward in working with those of you I have yet to met!

Note: I do not receive any funding or grants therefore any donations would be very appreciated.

At present only the “Hospital Pages, People Pages, School Pages & Transport Pages” are running in all languages . I hope to add more in September 2013

Currently working on travel pages