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Some people believe that not only has the Human Race been engineered by Aliens, but in fact we are a hybrid race which has and is being modified with Alien genes. Sound crazy? Well it turns out to be quite a popular speculation.

In many belief books it has been written that God created man, although God is not a man. So by definition could god be described as an Alien? After all is God not a different entity, therefore by definition a technical Alien? Not of this Earth!

David Weatherly recently wrote his book, ‘The Black Eyed Children’, which has become very popular.   

Famous authors such as Steven King have made a noticeable impact with open minded thinking, leading to commercial success.


Lots of agencies exist whose sole purpose is to prove or even disprove the Alien agenda.

MUFON – The Mutual UFO network

SETI – Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

Just two examples, least we forget the Vatican has a vested interest in some of the largest observational telescopes here on Earth.

So the search is on as the Kepler Spacecraft sends data of Earth-like planets from the Cosmos.

So is it inconceivable that, ‘They’, maybe amongst us, possibly from the start? Or even facilitating our evolution as a species?    

Alien abduction, a topic now globally discussed, once mocked and ridiculed. With so many reports and well documented research, it is easily argued that such a phenomenon is at the very least a possible scenario. Regression therapies under hypnosis, implants extracted from bodies are again just two examples of practice research to support the Alien presence. But a hybrid being, surely is just fiction?   

Dulce Base

The Network series

I include the Dulce Base

in volume 3… its free.

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The Network

The Dulce Base in New Mexico has been the speculation of many a writer regarding the alleged possibility of Alien DNA splicing, leading to genetically modified Human Beings. This topic has been signposted in many Sci-Fi films such as the X-Men series. However the controversy surrounding such conspiracy theories are a lot more down to Earth.

Increasing interest around an alien species here on Earth has without doubt gained popularity, if not only due to some imaginative cinematic and media indulgences. Several noticeable speakers travel the world raising the issue, the most prominent being, David Icke. He believes that several global elite persons are not what they seem and are indeed shape shifting reptiles! Sound crazy? Well in that case certain passages of the Bible must also be, as the idea of shape shifting entities is not a unique one.