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Nebular Dreams

Hubble has provided so much excitement and interest, pictures downloaded were the inspiration for my latest Poetry book (In progress).

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Nebular Dreams

In 1990 Hubble was the first major telescope to be placed in space and it has been one of the most important instruments ever in the history of science. It is perfectly adapted to the alien environment of space and has offered mankind the greatest images of space ever seen to date. We are unequivocally just a spec amongst specs here on Earth and, to think we are the only intelligent beings in this vast universal soup is quite against any concept of human logic.

So more than just a telescope then: a barometer of human expectation. As we plan the launch of the latest telescope, the Webb Telescope. We are by nature thirsty for knowledge and hungry for adventure. The whole of mankind can see these images and contemplate the heavens and its relationship with us. Simply put, the more we find out it becomes clear, the less we know. Will we ever understand the vast complexity of space; I think hopefully not, as the mystery of it all is what makes the journey. It has been said that human consciousness is just a way of the universe knowing itself, which makes sense to me.