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“What are you doing for others?”

Curiosity Rover put itself into safe mode last month, whilst it tries to establish the planets geology. If man is to colonise other planets, then we may need to either change their environments or change ourselves! Either way the necessity for future ventures are now prevalent as the Human species heads towards the eight billion mark.   



The term used to modify a planets environment is known as Terra Forming or geoengineering, depending on its context. But are we Geoengineering this planet known as Earth and, if so, why? And by whom?   

With such a global climatic shift taking place, an argument for geoengineering could be a very creditable one. So what is the reason for this climatic change?

Well that is a debate in itself, Is it due to the Suns’ natural cycle? “Hot House gases” from man? Or…. Is it just the Earth itself making changes? Many indigenousness cultures believe that the Earth itself has a spirit, a consciousness of its own.     

The mistakes of man continue, such as the BP Oil spill, putting so much pressure on the ecology of our only planet, Earth. The Fukushima disaster is poisoning the roots of this planet, so is it any surprise to find the weather is changing? If the Earth does indeed have a spirit, I’m suspecting that it wouldn’t be happy with the treatment we are giving out. As strange and loud noises are being heard all over the globe, could it be the sound of Earths stomach turning over in concern?

so what can we do to help? Are we geoengineering today? The answer is simply YES!

We are modifying the Earths environment in a number of ways. Some planned and others unplanned. Some known in the mainstream and, some covertly.  

Probably the most controversial of these methods, is that of ‘Cloud seeding’ or ‘Chemtrails.

The Network series

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So what are these? Well cloud seeding is simply that, the production of basically growing man made clouds. Imagine a drought area and then imagine if clouds were to be formed to provide rain. Sounds logical if its broken down, man using technology in a practical way to benefit the masses, this has to be a good thing on first reflection. Another reason why cloud seeding can be used is to deflect the suns harmful rays and fight against global warming, if again this is the reason for doing so?

I’ve used this topic in my first book

Extract: The Network, Series 1, Volume 1

‘No problems Serge, Chemtrails Jonathan were something I thought common knowledge however I’ll quickly elaborate. For decades now we believe aircraft all over the world have been adding mixtures to their jet fuel or adding additional tanks to contain these mixtures. It started as early as the 1980’s using mainly military planes and quickly escalated into commercial flights. The governments have been denying this for a lone time and then started using global warming as an excuse. Cloud seeding is the terminology being used, meaning they can lay clouds in the air artificially.

Typical breakdown of attributes for this

Aluminum - 12,400,000  - 2,000    

Antimny <40.0

Arsenic <50.0

Barium - 556,000 - 2,000

Berylium <0.500

Boron - 60,500

Cadmium - 1,260 - 10

Calcium - 40,600,000

Chromlum - 30,200 - 100

Cobalt <5.00

Copper - 157,000 - 2000

Iron - 16,500,000 - 600

Lead - 50,500

So what's the issue, so far its self explanatory, right? Well it doesn’t appear to be so simple.

The biggest issue with the use of this technology is that fact that it has been going on in a covert fashion, governments deny knowledge of this practise and with a cocktail as indicated above, it isn't hard to understand why conspiracy groups around the world have been asking for official acknowledgement on the issue and, an official statement behind the reasoning. In recent years some explanations have been given and they are pertaining primarily towards counter global warming, a kind of light/ray reflective coat. However no mainstream media has covered this issue and the scale of this high altitude dumping is not known. It is also not been made clear, what implications that this could have on the ecology and inhabitants of planet Earth. So the real issue is most certainly the secret nature in which it is/has been carried out and, the simple fact is that if something isn’t transparent then what are people to think? The truth is that so many people either still do not know about this or simply are not interested.     

(Cloud Seeding or Chemtrails could be the best thing to have ever happened but are they exactly the same thing? This in itself seems once again a simple enough question but I’ve not been able to distinguish the answer)

This is such a hot topic I’m not going to labour some of the finer points, such as the difference between airline contrails and Chemtrails. The issue of Morgellons decease, trees such as pineapple trees in Hawaii becoming so brittle that you can practically put your hands through them and, whistle blowers heading for cover. Something doesn't add up for a venture that is supposed to be helping mankind and, least we forget the very real change in our climate. Just how much of it is nature?   

Everything you need to know about this subject

Could this be the reason?


CIA Funds Geoengineering project - Officially

“The Central Intelligence Agency is funding a scientific study that will investigate whether humans could use geoengineering to alter Earth's environment and stop climate change. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will run the 21-month project, which is the first NAS geoengineering study financially supported by an intelligence agency. With the spooks' money, scientists will study how humans might influence weather patterns, assess the potential dangers of messing with the climate, and investigate possible national security implications of geoengineering attempts.”

Extract www.motherjones.com