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the world

Depleted Fish stocks due to over fishing, climate change and pollution. Not happy with just pushing aquatic species to extinction we now drudge the seabed in search for more. So how long before total collapse and what can we do to reverse this situation?  


“What are you doing for others?”

End of the line

95% of fish stocks have been fished

5% left

Have we really eaten most of the fish in the oceans?

Why don’t we allow fish stocks a chance via manageable policed sustainable fishing quotas?

What are we going to do if aquatic species collapse?

Why is dredging allowed and how do we stop it?


The Fukushima disaster is not over, so why doesn’t mainstream media give it due coverage?

What state is reactor four in?

How much radioactivity is leaking into the ocean?

What is the consequence to marine life and our aquatic food chain?

Is capping the area in ice a real solution?

Dead Fish turning up all over the globe

Is it due to polar shift?

Is it due to pollution?

Is it due to decreasing oxygen levels in our seas?

Is it due to mankind's tinkering of weather conditions?

Is it due to the solar cycle?

Is it due to the moons magnetic pull?

Just what is going on with Fish and Birds?

Are we witnessing the start of global colony collapse?