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Particles such as electrons, protons and molecules are able to make a connection with each other. The sort of connection, that somehow binds their presence, which induces a physical predictability. In human speak imagine having the same thought as a loved one on the other side of the world, then calling them on the phone to discover they had the same thought at the same time. It’s not exactly like that, but it gives an example of how two existences share a similarity beyond usual understanding.



An Electron is a sub particle of an Atom; their existence has only been known historically, for a short time.  They can be measured in their spin, momentum, polarisation and position. If two electrons become entangled their measurements can be predicted, based on just one of the particles. The second particle would then have the opposite state, So to keep it                                  simple if particle one was spinning in a left direction, then particle two would be spinning in a equal volume to the right. Predicting these states would decide if a particle is entangled or if it is not. If the measurements do not apply to this rule then particle 1 has a simple state and not an entangled state.

.                                                So what causes entanglement? What does it exactly mean? And                           why has this got the world of science in a spin?


Well this concept of Entanglement being measured via predictability, is this issue.

Can we predict something that isn’t real?

or put another way by predicting one of these measurements based on the other, does it prove something real exists? A difficult speculation when we are dealing with such theoretical uncertainty.

A paper was produced with the title:

‘If you can predict something about a system without disturbing or interacting with the system in any way, then the system must be real’ authors: Einstein, Boris & Podolsky (ERP)

In this paper they look for inconsistencies within the theory of measured entanglement. Reluctantly it is accepted that the theory is consistent but not complete, as we do not understand the cause and therefore something is missing. Einstein refereed to this as “Spooky action at a distance”.  The suggestion was that another of natures presence must be present!

 With this explanation it would be simply a case of cause and effect and, therefore adhere to a classical Physics theology.   

In response Bohr after consideration produced a response paper titled:

Can Quantum mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?

He essential remarks outlined that although we can predict one measurement of a particle, we can not predict all measurements (both x and y measurements of the particle at the same time). Therefore the ERP conclusion is incorrect. Basically what he is suggesting is that not everything can be calculated by cause and effect alone and that something else is happening here although undefinable at present by definition.  

This debate took place in 1935 and was and still is inconclusive.

Einstein along with others did not believe Quantum Mechanics is complete.

Although John Stuart Bell did come up with a theory to explain the argument in 1964

Its amazing to think though, that even the elite brains of this planet do not have all the answers and with so much more to discover about the fabric of our universes, its an exciting time we live in as technology allows us to peek into gods fabric of space and matter.

Hypothetical situation: If you turned Right, then would that make me turn Left?

Well maybe not but what if we had a connection?

Sound strange, well this is what seems to be happening

within the world of entangled particles

This is a poetry extract

from my first Poetry book. I’ve played around with words a bit.

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