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“What are you doing for others?”



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The strands of life. The double helix wonder, a concept not born until recent decades. If man can determine what makes man, does that mean he can determine what makes a man? That is to say, is it one thing knowing how a being is made and, another to know what a being is?   


Just ONE molecule compound on a strand, holds the key to life as we know it. The spirit however I am sure is something else.






It’s all in the Genes! That’s what they say isn’t it. Who ever they are of course. Well if it is all in the Genes, then understanding them is our future isn’t it? I mean we can find ways of eradicating decease or abnormality, help the species re-define itself in order to benefit its existence…..

Ahh that’s the issue then, can humans be trusted with this knowledge? Isn't it inevitable that in one way or another, we will trip ourselves up? Or is it that this is God’s work and therefore Mankind should leave alone, after all isn’t it warned in the Bible that the end of man shall arrive when he starts playing God?

So quite a contentious issue for something so small. Typical though, all the fuss in life over the smallest things, except our Ego of course.

If history is anything to go by, it’s all academic, because every avenue will be ventured. So is it worth worrying over, we always do alright don’t we!

Well I think we will, you can’t stop progress, you know that old chestnut! The Nuclear age challenges Mankind’s future, so does the search for the Higgs Boson, population control, viral contamination and climate change…. If we think about life at all, its just a miracle.

So we come full circle, it’s all just a miracle. What an age to live in, just where will we be in twenty years time.


DNA replication opens up so much debate, but we are really grasping it. Molly the Sheep is but a distant memory now, if you know what I mean. We are far away from the sci-fi vision of cloning Humans, but in time all things are possible. The one thing that we can not clone is Human thought. We may be able to genetically promote chemicals that produce behaviour patterns, but our conscience is something else. That’s always been the difference with us though, it’s what separates us from everything else and, quite possibly the reason why as a species we are envied by others. If you believe in many faith belief books, just a thought!