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Video missing?

Video missing?

“What are you doing for others?”


KYMATICA - It is over 1 hour long but worth the time.

Mind over matter, the ability to think something and make it come true. Science is very interested in the metaphysical, which is to say the monitoring of thought. Using scan technology we understand brain patterns and can interpretive Yes and No answers without requiring speech or body language. So is it just a case of understanding how to register consciousness? And how can we use consciousness to help and even heal us?


At what time do we experience consciousness? Science talks about self-awareness and constructs consciousness around this. An example of this would be if someone was to be brain dead. Because no neuron activity can be found it is deducted that the spirit has left the body, or that the patient is simply dead, being unable to function anymore. What science cannot accurately tell us is when consciousness became.

The saying, ‘I think therefore I am’, could be as scientific as it gets?      

So we become self-aware and our reality is mapped through our senses working with our Neuro-net circuit . We educate ourselves through a series of structured learning paths in order to re-enforce our perceived reality. It works well for the most and order is seemingly formed. Or is it, I mean just look around, materialism, wars, greed and poverty, just how does mankind’s conscience allow this?

The truth I believe is that we are sociologically programmed to think of, ‘The Self’, individual divinity or ego.

How many times have you heard someone saying, ‘Yeah I believe they are doing well, they are getting on’, when referring to social positioning or economic wealth. Instead of positioning the answer with emotional and spiritual overtones such as, ‘They are happy – they are in a good space’.

Our consciousness is often guided by someone elses….. Yet everyone of us is connected and equally important        

Working with more than the five senses.

Using our, Third Eye’, we can connect with the all knowing consciousness

Our consciousness is limited by our ability to connect psychically or accept our five sense limitations. Often when we do connect collectively we can be labelled as being different, unfortunately its accurate because for most of the populous a collective consciousness doesn’t exist…hence wars.           

We have become so enclosed within our reality that we have created our norm, is it a norm to bomb each other…well actually it is, so why is this?

I believe its because of the suppression of mankind's spiritual evolution, often controlled ironically by the exact religious and spiritual organisations that exist to promote spirituality.

Have we been encouraged to connect with the universe through such belief structures, or just to have one view?    

In a pure metaphysical state everything can be visualised in a wave form.

Here we see common salt on a sound plate, the sound plate has been subjected to frequency waves and as it oscillates the frequencies vibration, the salt dance-like forms a perfect geometric shape. This process works for different frequencies, so we literally see sound…

If frequencies make such a difference on a magnetic plate with salt, then what difference does it make to the human body that houses an electromagnet system called the heart?

Frequency waves are all around us and a lot of them are out of the human hearing range, yet still what does all of this mean to us, the human. Some frequency ranges have been linked to human emotion, so by playing certain frequencies they promote designed reaction. Sound harmonics can also stimulate further the human condition and by using frequencies through crystals all sorts of possibilities become apparent.


There is no, ‘self’, only a perspective of reality brought about by self awareness. To be aware  that it is only a singularity perspective is just the start on a long road.

If only we cared about the collective than the, ‘self’, surely that process alone would change the world. A simple thing that we are all capable of doing and its achievable.

The greatest achievement of the devil is too be - not believed in. This deception allows impure thought and the ignorance of the ego.

We are not self, we are all.