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the world

 We are witnessing without any doubt the effects of a global weather shift event, I would suggest? It is quite evident that that at the very least we are experiencing a change of weather patterns and, on the extreme maybe an irreversible cycle that will challenge mankind to its limitations? Either way times are a changing, but are we?           

“What are you doing for others?”




The information in this video is outstanding. The dedication, enthusiasm and integrity, I would suggest a master-piece. I have not put the whole documentary as a link as it can be downloaded easily from the Net.

The full documentary simply points out the truth and leaves us, the viewer, to interpret the truth.

Al Gore has been vilified on many occasions, accused of being a scare tactician, a self-promoter and a conspiracy agent with an agenda of simply more TAX.

Well in reflection, doesn’t this video make more sense years on? Just how bad does it have to get before facts take precedence?    

Early 2014 and we all saw what happened in the South West of England along with many other regions in the UK.

If this continues year after year then regions will surely become uninhabitable?

Isn’t this vindication of predictions many have modelled via metrology tools, so shouldn’t we prepare for the next stage?