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My blogs about individuals are subjective and specific, different people inspire us all, so I just wanted to tip my hat towards a few of these iconic individuals. Most have their own websites or societies of appreciation so I have uplifted some of the text with references for these blogs.

“What are you doing for others?”




Spiritual healing and prophecy, the legacy that is Edgar Cayce. Many names stand out in history but his name may not be one of those? Lesser well known but just as impacting as the true greats, his insights and abilities are as marvellous today as always. History revealing true prophecy and intuition beyond the explainable.

When we think of prophecies, the name Nostradamus is without doubt the name that comes to mind for most people. Just like Nostradamus, Cayce starting out as a spiritual healer. His legacy immense, so why Cayce isn’t as well known in popular culture is just one of those things?

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Poetry extract from my book. Click the cover to view it all… it’s free

Have we been here before?

Do we choose to be human and, choose our point of entry?

Have we lost the ability too connect with our spiritual insight?

Can we heal with thought?

Can we detect illness?

Can we predict the future?

Some of the big questions that life can ask of us, individuals like Cayce can make us all think and wonder. This most recent man echoing age old questions and curiosities.