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Communication Book

Communication Books

Like a personalised speech output book to suit your needs?

No problem, get in touch

Have a book that speaks for you,

all the essentials.

Wishes 2012

Community Books

Books for a Community Project.

These can be On-Line publications

Hard back / Soft back

Colour/Black & White

An inexpensive way of promoting

and commercialising your project

I’ve produced several books to date and they are all available on this site free of charge.

My primary goal was to produce a talking communication aid in book form.

On completion of my goal I have continued to write an eclectic range of others, please contact if your business would benefit from any On-Line publications or physical books.

Ideal for training material also with embedded Questions and Answers, Video and audio output.

Henry S.Nail

Children's Books

Henry S.Nail

A Trailology

Volumes 1,2 & 3

More to come


A mixture of different topics

A mixture of different styles

Full multimedia

Nebular Dreams


The Stars

The Planets

The Universe

A celebration of cosmological knowledge through the media of poetry

The Network

Modern Conspiracy

This series touches on many controversial topics. None the less supporting evidence exists around many topics included

Volumes 1,2 & 3 are complete, I am waiting to start volume 4, the only reason I havent writen it as yet is simple….so many topics are emerging  I am unsure if volume 4 would be the conclusion of the series?

Books scheduled during 2015

Micro Dreams

The Micro world in Poetry

Henry S.Nail

A Wedding trail

A touch of Ireland

In the latest adventures of

Henry S.Nail