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Video missing?


Locked in another world, heartache or just inconvenience for others? Autism is increasingly on the rise. But what if we have got it wrong and Autism is just another way of accelerated evolution waiting to manifest in a way others can understand.  

“What are you doing for others?”




When Jacob was sent to Special Education, he said,

’ it was extremely special, because they didn’t educate me.’

What a statement and of course it is an accurate one.

Wishes 2012

Over the years I have volunteered with many groups/individuals. In 2012 I helped with, ‘The Wishes Project’, that highlighted the wishes of those around care.

I believe that it helped highlighting some of the ways in which difficult issues are perceived. Just as in the case of Carly and Jacobs parents, (FEATURED VIDEOS) it’s the belief of those who support an individual that can make all the difference.   

Jacob Barnett may well achieve The Nobel Prize at the age of fourteen (14)

He has rocked the world of Science and may prove via Quantum Theory, results so profound as to inspire a whole new way of thinking. Yet as a child he isolated himself from, ‘our world’, in order to concentrate on some of life’s big picture.  How many of us would comprehend this fact?

So for every child/adult in this world suffering from or graced by Autism, maybe the rest of us need to adjust some perspectives?

Five senses overload, Noise, smell, sight, touch and taste, all working at an optimum intensity.

Is it possible for most of us to understand this? Probably not!

How much could we all learn from those who have experienced this?

So what if we discover a way of balancing the senses?

This could also assist those with senses deprivation as well.

The difference between what is seen as the norm and being different can be so insignificant from a medical perspective it surely heralds the question, what exactly is the norm?

Looking at how we can learn from each other is a gift in itself.