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Do you believe in Angels? Well maybe it doesn’t matter as long as they believe in you! Angels have been depicted throughout history and they are architectural in mankind's conscience. You don't have to be religious to understand the principle of Angels and, of course there are many types of Angels, from the ubiquitous Guardian Angel to the bike riding Hells Angels.     

“What are you doing for others?”

So exactly what is an Angel and why are they so synonymous with the psyche of mankind. Sure religion has been the prime driver for their phenomenon but is it as simple as that? Have we just been sold the idea because its intrinsically linked with organised religion?



The film ‘City Of Angels’, for me summed up this paradigm of celestial reverence apposed to that of the physical experience, of what we call life. In a snip-it we see that a plural reality exists simultaneously, but no direct contact is authorised. On one hand Nicholas Cage who plays the Angel, is aware of Meg Ryan, who plays the Maiden. He is supposed to guide but not assist her during her despair, as she is unable to save her patients life on the operating table. A classic tale of the spirit seeing all, but the human, being unaware. So belief and blind faith is required without confirmation and, this is the sticking point, as we are all asked to believe in things that can not be proven in the many belief system books, that are catalogued under the title of religion or spirituality.

The principle of the film is that the Angel needs to decided whether to stay as he is, or too fall down to earth in order to be with his love, Meg Ryan. This quintessential conundrum is a repeated pattern through stories since time began. Spirits live in their world and us in ours, except many a psychic or Tarot card reader may refute it. But as with Extra terrestrials, unless you experience it for yourself, who is to really know?


For my part I choose to believe we are all assigned at least one Guardian Angel at birth. I don’t know if they stay with us all our lives or if they are replaced during the journey. That’s what I choose to believe, but could not prove it, so by definition I’ve given myself a spiritual placebo I suppose. Does it matter, well if its works why question it and, I guess that’s my point. Many have talked about their guardian spirit and, on a few occasions they have heard their voices talk to them, like Joan of Arch, who was of course burnt at the stake. Historically figures like this have been institutionalised as insane or worse. Thankfully I have never heard my Guardian talk which is ironic as I called my site vocalguardian!

In Scientific speak I would argue that the body equals the mass and, that the spirit equals the wave. We now know that mass has a wave and therefore a plural existence is possible at once, its just perception. So do we Humans follow the same rule? Again I would argue yes and that in fact many a human is actually a living Angel, although we don’t hear about this in the media, as disaster and bad news is the agenda. In fact I believe there are many an Angel amongst us, you may even know one. The fact is that most living Angels are not aware of the fact themselves, which is confirmation in itself.Cheap Jerseys

Types of Angels in popular cinematography  

keanu reeves plays the pivotal character, having attempted to commit the ultimate sin of suicide, he is quested to fight against evil in order to redeem his soul. A deeply catholic theme that is at the heart of its theology, that is sin and penance. The film is full of classic themes, it depicts both the good and bad angel as opposed to, ‘City of Angels’, which only mirrors the good. Shadows instead of light, the ancient story of Nimrod all over again. The Sumerian and Mesopotamian empire religions influence on all later belief systems much prevalent for all to see.      

Travolta’s Michael gives a humorous take on the angelic life. He plays a most down to earth angel, someone that people can relate too. Not the usual celestial being but the same preverbal message.   

Joan of Ark’s adaptation in, ‘The Messenger, the girl with a common touch that lead to the freedom of France. Her popularity threatened the establishment, so the old, burn at the state routine turned her into a greater legend.

Visions of godliness or just left brain frontal epilepsy?

Angel with a machine gun etc…

Believe in Angels or not! Whenever life is getting you down, challenging or plain difficult, it’s a nice thought to think that you have an Angel to help you and, all you have to do is ask

It takes one selfless kind deed to change the world, maybe that is why the Angel figure is so iconic.

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