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With so many forms of media nowadays, it’s a job deciding what to watch, listen or read. The added attraction of on-line gaming, or just living in a virtual world know as Facebook, as so many do. But are most forms of this media alternative? Or just splinters from the same corporate tree?

A seriously ridiculous amount of mainstream media is owned by a seriously ridiculous amount of corporations. Around five or six such corporations own around ninety per cent of mainstream media in the western world. They all have affiliations with most information that is printed, watched or listened to in the West. So does this mean the media is bias or impartial? You bet, what other type of organisation in the world would not promote itself? Well simply none of course. Promoting itself, what does this mean? Well it simply means it’s following its own agenda and, so much media simply does. The Internet has given birth to many independent media sources that they now threaten the validity of some popular theory or understanding of what media is all about. We watch TV Programmes, an interesting title as some suggest it literally means programming via the TV for the masses. We see headlines on TV or the papers and accept the story as we are all too busy working to pay our bills. Is Orwell’s forecast of the future, set in his book 1984 coming true? Well some say it’s already here. I’ve listed a few of my favourite channels below, if nothing else they offer a different perspective of life through real people without scripts.       

Other shows and sites I find interesting. The thing about listening to these types of shows is that if you like one of the interviews, you often find they dovetail into other interesting topics or shows. So many now exist its worth investing some time.   

Coast to Coast AM usually broadcasts from Los Angelis or Las Vegas, depending on the host for that day. George Noory is the main host and, I find his style to be professional, curious with integrity and intelligent. As with all of these shows though, probably the most important ingredient is open mindedness. The vast selection of topics and themes discussed on these shows are more than impressive even if you don’t like this type of show. For me personally its the flagship of shows as it broadcasts on a daily basis and manages to remain interesting on every show.  

You can view their website on the net, it’s a huge site and worth a visit. Like most of these stations the shows are also put onto YouTube for free listening. But they all survive on subscription or donation which is what keeps them independent and a real alternative media source.  

Red Ice Radio broadcasts out of Sweden, it has a massive following and its presenter Henrik Palmgren, seems to have a reasonably lay back style for me, which I like. His knowledge is so impressive that he takes the discussions in his stride. His guests like most of these shows offer an eclectic mix of alternative subjects. Definitely worth tuning into, regular updates and more, the channel also releases shows on YouTube to listen to for free!  

Mel Fabregas hosts the station and has an infectious curiosity, in particular regarding all things Extra Terrestrial. The shows manta is, “be sceptical but don’t close your mind’. And you need to be open minded when listening to the shows as some of the topics discussed are particularly off-the-wall, which is why for me the station stands out. Although many topics are discussed, the station always stays to its primary aim of discussing the Alien presence. I have no doubt it may come into ridicule regarding some topics but that is another reason why the station is so good, as Mel doesn’t hold back regarding his sincerity.       

The Vinny Eastwood show, hosted by Mr News, Vinny Eastwood. Vinny really puts his own unique style into the interviews. I was pleased to take part in an interview with him in Feb 2012. He uses different rhetoric than me, which suits his spontaneous unique style. Vinny’s guests are often unknown (like myself) and occasionally they lack the calibre of other shows, but what I like in particular with his station, is that everyone gets their chance. So well done to him for putting it all together.

November 2013 update

The launch on The Peoples Voice

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