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Enoch is only one of two characters who has entered heaven without dying and returned, according to scripts. He was shown the heavens and the universe before he was returned safely back to earth.

‘The Book of Encoh’, wasn’t included in the Bible, it heralds many questions and speculation about its meaning. He spoke to Angels and was given wisdom beyond mankind’s understanding. Many have searched for this knowledge including John Dee, who I have also written a blog about. So why is this book so centric within our historical beliefs? The fact it was not included in the Bible, can be in itself a wonderment, as it is a unique story.

This forbidden book includes fallen angels, giants and a warning to man. Uriel gave Enoch a tour of heaven and hell and he also walked with god. The book of Genesis only mentions Enoch once.  It is not known why it was excluded from the Christian bible. God tells Enoch that all life on earth will be destroyed by a flood, this is due to the fallen angels as they have intervened with the daughters of the earth.

The fallen angels mingled with human females and thus the Nephilim were born (giants). They went on to teach humans a variety of crafts including how to make  weapons of war. Azazel the leader of the fallen angels was to be bound and buried as deep as possible.

Enoch then had a dream where Azazel beckons Enoch to discuss his case with god for another outcome.

Another episode sees Uriel  taking Enoch on a journey throughout the heavens. Uriel showed all the positions of the stars too Enoch. Speculation has rose from this as some have interpreted it to be that the stars constellations have power, this gave birth to astrology.

Some early Christians believed the book of Enoch to be authoritative as some of its content was given by god.

Travellers to Ethiopia found manuscripts of this book and brought them back to Europe.

Surely this book sums up pretty much everything that has happened to date. War and ignorance, working against Mankind. The description of Crystals and fire has been compared too a space craft? Some believe that Enoch may have entered an UFO and shown the universe this way. Mankind had learned technology and ways before intended. I have listened to many interpretations around this story. Whatever your belief, if you have one, this story is surely fundamental in the knowing of history?

What do you think?

If you don’t think you have heard this story before then may be worth having a think again. So many modern films have the underlying theme of warring angels. For me The Star Wars series of films are a different play on this theme and, it will be interesting to see what will be included in the next films which will be produced by Disney!

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